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20,000 Days… and Counting

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20,000 Days… and Counting

By Robert Smith
Format:  Hardcover
Pages:  144
Dimensions:  170 mm x 170 mm
Fastest delivery time:  1 to 2 days

20,000 Days... and Counting provides simple strategies to make each day of your life one of intense purpose and lasting influence.

One hundred years from now, what will you have left behind? What will your legacy be?

Most people measure their life in years. But what if you could live each day with intense purpose, constant joy, and lasting influence?  20,000  Days… and Counting provides simple strategies that will allow you to be 100 percent present and intentional with every passing minute of every day, for the rest of your life.

This is not a book to be used for passing the time; it’s a book to be used for squeezing every last day, hour, minute, and second out of life until your life is done and you’ve given, loved, and celebrated all your could.

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