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Four Winners from Simple Truths

Today we’re going to be looking at four books to bump us out of our rut (be it at work or in our personal lives) and inspire us to make life altering changes for the better. As the name implies, Simple Truths are truths that we may intuitively know but somehow forget along the way. … Read more »

Strong Customer Relationships can Beat Powerful Brands

A recent article in the Harvard Business Review by Christof Binder and Dominique Hanssens examined some interesting research about why we choose the brands that we do. There has been ongoing debate since the beginning of the e-commerce age about whether brands would become more or less important to consumers. Some experts predicted that brands … Read more »

4 Great Awards for Customisation

You’re bound to love these beautiful awards that can be customised with a unique and heartfelt message to mark a special achievement or just to show your appreciation for that employee who always goes the extra mile. Long after the achievement itself, these awards can serve as a great reminder of what we’re capable of … Read more »

Know Your Strengths: Building a Better Career through Self Knowledge

  Research has indicated that people are more likely to recall negative emotional events from our childhood than those that were positive. Unfortunately, the same is true of our work lives. Even if we receive a generally positive performance review from our seniors, we still tend to ruminate on the ‘areas that need improvement’. Of … Read more »

Four Beautiful Clearance Posters for just R199

You may have admired the beautiful images and inspiring quotes of the Successories posters in the past and found them just out of your reach. But all that is about to change, today we’re presenting four gorgeous posters that are on clearance and priced at just R199 each.  At prices that good, you really can’t … Read more »

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