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The Leadership Pack from Simple Truths

Some of us are born leaders and some of us are less sure about where we fit in on the leadership scale. But the great news is, many of the skills that enable true leaders so succeed in both the personal and professional arena, can be learned and refined through study and commitment. This leadership … Read more »

Working Remotely: Can it Work for Your Organisation?

The past few years have seen a dramatic increase in the rise of remote workers. According to the Harvard Business Review, by one estimate, the number of remote workers in the U.S. grew by nearly 80% between 2005 and 2012. Many large companies have cashed in on this idea as remote workers mean less overhead … Read more »

How to Conduct More Productive Meetings

  If you’ve ever found yourself sitting in a meeting and wondering what on earth you’re there for, or leaving a meeting and feeling that you’ve achieved nothing, you’re certainly not alone. Most of us have participated in, or simply sat in silence for any number of pointless meetings. Not only are such meetings a … Read more »

5 of Our Top Eagle Awards

When an eagle appears, you are called to be courageous and stretch your limits. Do not accept the status quo, but rather reach further and become more than you believe you are capable of and see the world from a different, higher perspective. The eagle has long been a symbol of strength, freedom and liberty. … Read more »

Busting Four Myths about Great Workplaces

What do you see when you picture the ideal workplace? Many of us tend to visualise sleek offices, top of the range new laptops, a cafeteria that serves healthy and delicious food, free childcare… the list goes on and on. But author and social psychologist Ron Friedman is about to bust some of those myths. … Read more »

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