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Puzzle – Can Do – Aspire

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Puzzle – Can Do – Aspire

Encouragement: Rain and sun are to the flowers as praise and encouragement are to the human spirit.
Aspire: In building the life we've imagined, we must be true to our beliefs, dare to be ethical, and strive to be honorable.
Dream: Resolve to succeed. The greatest discovery one can make is that nothing is impossible.
Believe & Succeed: Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it is that quiet voice at the end of the day that says, 'I will try again tomorrow.
Potential: Dare to unleash the power that lies within.
The Sky's the Limit
Never Give Up : Go over, go under, go around, or go through. But never give up.
Change: Each new season grows from the seeds planted before.
Dare to Soar: To succeed, it is necessary to accept the world as it is, and then rise above it." Live Today : 'Yesterday is ashes, tomorrow wood. Only today does the fire burn brightly.' - Old Eskimo Proverb
Collaborate: Be the light that others can come to with their ideas and dreams.
Reach Out: Success is not won by those who fearlessly guard their differences, but by those who seek out connections.

Flip, fold and turn this new CAN-DO Mental Block for inspiration at your fingertips! With twelve different images and quotation and lots of combinations, this can-shaped puzzle is a fun and easy way to keep your team motivated.