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Stress is a Choice

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Stress is a Choice

By David Zerfoss
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 109
Dimensions: 170 mm x 170 mm
Fastest delivery time: 1 to 2 days

Here’s something that will stop and make you think: Did you know that your stress is really your choice?

That’s a liberating concept, because if stress is a choice, then you can choose not to have it. Stress Is a Choice, the newest book by David Zerfoss, will show you the way to living a life with less stress with his ten rules to simplify your life.

Many of us hurry through life going from one place to the next, focused on conquering the next mountain, making the next deal, running the next errand, and believing we will never have enough time to do all the things we need to get done. Yet, there is all the time in the world if we just realize we are the creators of this life we choose to live.

I know you are thinking “my work has expectations to meet” or “my family commitments are always running at 110 mph.” Whatever your stress is, David can show you how you are choosing stress. Choosing to simplify and choosing less stress doesn’t mean you will get less done. In Stress Is a Choice, David will show you a different way of approaching life that will reduce your stress without affecting your productivity.

If you feel like your stress levels are off the charts, author David Zerfoss has a new perspective for you that can change your life. After you read through his ten rules to simplify your life, our wish for you is that you commit to simplify and enroll others for support. Take out a blank sheet of paper and create the life you truly want to live – with less stress and complexity – one that is anchored by a clear sense of your unique and simple purpose.

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